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Nominations are still ongoing! Found the perfect fairytale? Nominate!

Okay, outstanding issues:

Do you mean a specific section?

Whoever nominated the Aeneid and the Odyssey. These fandoms are fine as is, just you might want to fine tune it.

Ineligible under the rules, need changed

Irish Mythology. I will reject this if it is not changed to a specific story.

Cinderella - someone has specifically nominated 'Cendrillon', so if this story is not amended to a specific version of your choice, I will be changing it to Aschenputtel.

Sleeping Beauty: Please choose a specific version. Linking me to your source or what you want is fine and I can change it myself. Otherwise I'll choose one when it comes time. Probably the Perrault version.

Robin Hood (traditional): I need a specific source of this, not just *hand gesture* Robin Hood. Please tell me what source you want for Robin Hood or I will reject this. (People may remember Robin Hood was here last year - as the book by Howard Pyle)
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