Feb. 7th, 2017

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This post is for telling others why they should totally read/write/request your favourite fairy-tales!

Here's a simple format to follow:

<b>Story Name</b>:
<b>Story link (OPTIONAL)</b>:
<b>What makes this tale awesome</b>:


Story Name: The Girl Who Became a Boy (Albanian Fairy Tale)
Story Linkhttp://www.albanianliterature.net/folktales/tale_07.html
What makes this tale awesome: Not only does it have the girl getting the girl, this caper-like story features a sassy talking horse and tax-evading snakes. Also the importance of mother and son relationships. This is different from the also nominated Violet Fairy Book version in that no one gets murdered and again, the snakes. 


There seem to be no problems with the tagset, so sign ups may open early. No promises.

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