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Once Upon a Fic Exchange

Fairy-tale story exchange!

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Name:Once Upon a Fic Exchange
Website:AO3 Collection for Once Upon a Fic Exchange
Posting Access:All Members

Once Upon a Fic Exchange is a fairy-tale centric story exchange focused on fairy-tales, tall tales, and myths.

2019 Schedule:

Nomination Period: January 20th, Sunday to February 3rd, Sunday
Sign Ups: February 10th, Sunday to February 20th, Wednesday
Assignments out: February 22nd, Friday
No-Fault Deadline: April 21st, Sunday
Deadline: May 12th, Sunday
Archive Goes Live: May 17th, Friday
Anon Period Ends: May 24th, Friday

All times are in CST (UTC -6) or CDT (UTC -5)! CST is in use until 11 March 2018 and CDT is in use after.

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Once Upon a Fic Exchange's parent collection at AO3
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