May. 15th, 2017

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Guess what! Due to double-defaults and extensions, there's no past-deadline PHs!

So if you have NOT gotten your assignment you either defaulted and were defaulted on (sadness) or your writer is still chugging away and asked for an extension! Or was an extended PH!

REMINDER: If you are on an extension, get your fic in by 11:59 pm central on the 17th! (What time is that for me?)

So we're on track for opening around 9 am central on the 19th (What time is that for me?) so if anyone has treats planned, get 'em in by then!
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The stroke of midnight draws closer! Congrats to everyone who has posted a story and good luck to everyone still working. The assignment deadline is two hours from this post, or see the countdown below.

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