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Betas are not mandatory for this exchange. However, your OUaF mods feel that getting or offering a second opinion on a story is a) a great way to improve your work and also b) a neat way to engage with other people taking part in this gift exchange. Consider a beta today! (Well, consider being a beta today; we realise most people won't have written their story(/ies) for a while yet.)

If you can volunteer to look at someone's story, please fill out the following details in a comment to this post:

Your AO3 name is particularly important if you are signed up to this challenge! And if you aren't, thanks extra for helping out. Hope you enjoy your advance viewing of the stories!

Some other things that might be worth mentioning: what formats, like google docs or .rtf, you can read/annotate; how long you need for what lengths of story; any specific periods of time during which you are or aren't available.

See the sources spreadsheet for what the canons are, and the sign-up summary for which canons were requested.

Date: 2017-02-28 01:40 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] foxinthestars
Name: foxinthestars at DW, LJ, Ao3 (note, I am not participating in the exchange)
How to contact me: DW or LJ PM
Canons I will beta for: Anything I can review within a couple of hours.
I will check spelling and grammar for any canons: Yes
Content I won't read, or require warnings for: Explicit sexual content, humiliation/embarrassment, bullying
Other notes: GDocs preferred; I don't use MS Word.

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