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TAKEN Pinch hit #6 now!

Reminder that replies are screened so just comment with your username and the assignment's yours!

THIS IS DUE THE 17th due to the short notice nature



  • The Bold Thady Quill - Johnny Tom Gleeson

  • Bisclavret - Marie de France

  • The Judgement of Tiresias (Metamorphoses - Ovid)

  • Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (English and Scottish Popular Ballads - F.J. Child)

Request 1 by HotUtilitarian
The Bold Thady Quill - Johnny Tom Gleeson
Any Character

I love this song, and I'd enjoy anything set in its picaresque world. I see Thady as a kind of Christy Mahon (it would be fun if they met) a tiny, timid little fella who suddenly discovers unexpected reserves of athleticism and charisma. But perhaps you'd like to do something that draws on the story behind the song: that Thady was a lazy, unattractive lump, and it's all irony, or something different again. If you fancy writing farcical hurling matches or athletic contests, I'm all up for that. Comic porn about Thady's satisfaction of the maids of Dunhallow, or his cure of the rich lady at the Cork Exhibition, would be splendid. If you want to write something more serious, there's a (rarely sung) political verse which suggests that Thady was an old Land Leaguer:

In the year ninety-one before Parnell was taken
Thade was outrageously breaking the peace
He got a light sentence for causing commotion
And six months' hard labour for batin' police
But in spite of coercion he's still agitating
Every drop of his life's blood he's willing to spill
To gain for old Ireland complete liberation
Till then there's no rest for me, says bold Thady Quill.

Request 2 by HotUtilitarian
Bisclavret - Marie de France
Bisclavret, King (Bisclavret)

All the stories about the King and his werewolf boyfriend, please! I'd love something about them before Bisclavret's marriage, as friends or lovers, and Bisclavret having to conceal his secret while the King is madly jealous of Bisclavret's bride-to-be. Or a story about the King's affection for his loyal pet wolf turning in some uncomfortable directions (though I'd prefer not to read about actual sex happening while Bisclavret is in wolf form), perhaps something which echoes or parodies the sexuality anxiety of cross-dressing tropes. I'd like a story which is sympathetic to Bisclavret's wife and her understandable choices, though, and doesn't necessarily play down the ruthlessness, cruelty and violence of which Bisclavret and the King are capable.

Request 3 by HotUtilitarian
The Judgement of Tiresias (Metamorphoses - Ovid)
Tiresias (Metamorphoses - Ovid)

I'd love to hear more about Tiresias' time as a woman, especially the sexual adventures that enable him to settle Juno and Jupiter's dispute. It would also be amazing to link Tiresias' gender change to his role in Bacchae, his understanding of the women's rites and Dionysian licence. The story strikes me as one that might transfer to lots of different AUs, historical or generic. How might Tiresias' experience of life as both a man and a woman influence his capacity for prophecy? Something in which Ovid's Tiresias talks back to T.S. Eliot's gloomy picture of 'an old man with wrinkled dugs' would be good too...

Request 4 by HotUtilitarian
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (English and Scottish Popular Ballads - F.J. Child)
Any Character

I'd like some pre-canon for this one: how did Lady Barnard end up married to such a psychopath? Purely economic or political expediency, or did he turn on her after a deceptive courtship? Musgrave is a border-reiver name: is this story of sexual jealousy playing out ancient tensions over land and alliance? Does Barnard have a bit of a thing for Little Musgrave himself, which fires his jealousy to epic proportions? (I'm here for all the Lord Barnard/Little Musgrave, is what I'm saying). I'm intrigued by the Page, too, who is motivated to squeal by a sense of feudal, patriarchal responsibility ('For though I am my lady's page/I am Lord Barnard's man') -- or is there more going on there - a sort of hankering after the approval of a father- and authority-figure, gone twisted and wrong? Lord Barnard turns on his followers in perfectly sociopathic style ('how could you let me do this?') at the end - how does that affect the Page's future?

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