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Announcement time!


  • Nominations in need of clarification
  • Nominations in need of amending before they get rejected
  • That's it!

    • 1. Nominations in need of clarification

      Just one! It's for:

      Fandom: Filipino Mythology

      Character 1: Juan Tamad
      Character 2: Maria Makiling

      This is too broad, I need a specific story for them! I found one that contained both over here:

      If you had a different story in mind, please tell me! If you didn't, I'll use this one and leave you to just tell more in your letter about what you're expecting from these two figures.

      2. Nominations in need of amending before they get rejected

      Fandom 1: Into The Woods
      Fandom 2: The Princess and the Frog (Disney)

      These are ineligible due to being movies and not freely/legally available online stories (they are fairy-tale related though)

      I'm going to need whoever nominated those to choose different stories! There's some great resources for finding tales you can use here!

      3. That's it! Everyone's being great!

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Hey, everyone!

In this announcement:
  • Nominations that need clarification
  • Tags: What's going on there?
  • Feedback
  • Coming soon(ish)

Okay, first are nominations in need of clarification! Before I get started on this, please know that I myself forgot about the requirement of needing a story for a nomination and had to spend a while searching up Medusa's origin. I found it in Ovid's Metamorphoses.


1. Robin Hood! I found a story which contains three of your nominated characters (The Prioress of Kirklees, Robin Hood, Maid Marian) over here, I have been unable to find one containing Clorinda. If you have a story containing her, please tell me of it and I'll approve her tag! If there is none, she'll need to be changed to another character or removed entirely.

2. The Nahua Creation Myth! Could you provide me with the text/name of the story where it is? I need it for the spreadsheet before I approve. If it's not contained in an online story format, please contact me, I have a solution.

3. The Story of the Phoenix. I just need to know which one you mean, thank you.

That's it for now!

Now for Tags: What's going on there?

Well, because an important and advertised part of this exchange is that every source is available for reading, I've had to clarify some of the titles to help specify where the actual source stories are, like some myths are Homeric Hymms.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect process! I've already put someone's story with the source they don't want once (working to fix that!) and I don't want to do this to people. But thankfully, this is a small exchange and I'm able to change things without a lot of work! So please notify me if I've changed your tag to a story you didn't mean and I'll change it to the proper one.

Thirdly, feedback! This is my first exchange and I'm learning as I go, so if you see something that could be done easier, please tell me. I appreciate the advice.

And lastly, COMING SOON(ish)!

A spreadsheet containing links to all the texts nominated! It'll be up after nominations complete!

This does not mean that if you want to blend several versions (and I will be linking some multiples already) you can't! Please tell your author as much as you can about what you're interested in each story and what you're hoping to explore with it. Optional details are optional, but knowledge is inspirational.

Thus ends announcement #1.

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