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Beta post!

Please refer to the tagset and the sources to see what the fandoms are for this exchange!

Please respond with this form:

<b>AO3 Name</b>:

<b>Fandoms you can beta</b>:

<b>What ratings and content you're willing to beta</b>:

<b>BONUS Are you willing to do a spelling and grammar check for any fandom?</b>:

<B>How To Contact You</b>:

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In this exchange, we do not require participants to get beta feedback on their stories. However, betas are awesome.

If you're willing to look over someone's story, please comment here, or on the same post on LiveJournal, with

-a name (your AO3 name is especially needed if you are an exchange participant)
-some way for a writer to get in contact with you (email, journal, etc)
-any other things a writer should know about your beta needs/ style - for example, if you cannot read certain types of violence.

Thanks in advance to volunteers!

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