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Hey guys! While we're still having some issues with the Greek tags (see my email at the bottom or just comment), everything else has been cleared up so now it's time for New Concerns:

Issue 1: SOLVED

Works - Phanocles

Characters: Κάλαϊς | Calais (Hellenistic Religion & Lore)
Ὀρφεύς | Orpheus (Hellenistic Religion & Lore)

Mod: I can't seem to find the poem anywhere. If this is your nomination, please provide the source or I'll have to reject.

Issue 2:

Lore of the Aes Sídhe

Characters: Bean Nighe | Bean Sídhe | Banshee | Washer Woman
Síofra | Changeling Child

Mod: This is unfortunately a little broad. Can you track down specific tales? If you can find me one for each of these characters, I'll put them all in because life is short and I like them.

REMINDER: Nominations close on the 7th! Nominate here!

NOTE ABOUT GREEK TAGS: if your Greek characters haven't been approved yet, that means I don't know what myth they belong to and they were accidentally sucked into Hellenistic Religion and Lore. Please comment if yours have not been approved or are not in the tagset and tell me where to put them. If you have any issues, remember that I can be reached by email at jean at hamsterbandit dot com!

Remaining (I HOPE) unclaimed Greek Characters:

Labyrinth at Cnossus (Hellenistic Religion & Lore)
Πασιφάη | Pasiphae

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  1. Rejections

  2. Borderline


I'm going to reject these in 3 days if they're not changed to something that's allowed under the rules:

  • Babar - Jean de Brunhoff | Laurent de Brunhoff

  • The Fox and the Hound (1981)

A series of books that are not freely and legally available online and a Disney movie do not fall under the guidelines set out.

Borderline notification:

  • The Velveteen Rabbit was nominated and to my surprise, it's actually available freely and legally online. And contains a fairy. It was published in 1922 and just edges the rules (such as how Hans Christian Andersen wrote his own fairytales) so I'm allowing it in but I'd appreciate it if no one else made me have to think this hard in the future.

  • Nußknacker und Mausekönig | Nutcracker and the Mouse King - E. T. A. Hoffmann was approved last year fo the same reason (available online, a fairy story) so it gets in again this year.

REMINDER: Nominations close on the 7th!

Don't worry if your nomination hasn't been approved yet, I have to check up on every story nominated and that can go slowly.

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How many nominations do we get?

3! 0-4 characters per nomination.

What is eligible?

  • Fairy-tales (examples: Cinderella, The Moonchild and the Bamboo Cutter (Kaguyahime), The Snake Who Became The King's Son-in-Law)

  • Nursery-rhymes (examples: Little Boy Blue, Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens, Jack Be Nimble)

  • Tall tales (examples: Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed)

  • Legends (Holy Grail, El Dorado, Robin Hood, Atlantis,

  • Myths (Heracles and his twelve tasks, Thor's Wedding, Isis reassembling Osiris after the whole Set thing. Because this section is religion focused, the mods will only allow anything that is not considered secret or restricted to practitioners only)

The definition between all of these are blurry, which is why they were all included.

How specific do I need to be?

Say the name of the story. Cinderella versus 'Perrault's stories', Gawain and the Green Knight versus 'Arthurian Mythology.'

I want [this version] instead of [this version] but they're known by the same name!

In this instance, simply use the common English name or Ao3 tag (if it exists) of the tale along with any story-specific characters you want, and use your letter or sign up form to specify which version you want and (please) include some sort of link to your preferred version.

Hi, update: We want you to be as specific as possible in choosing your fairy tale for the tagset as per the polite request of the wranglers. Sorry for the change in policy!

If your story doesn't have a common canonical name, choose something descriptive (Medusa and Athena (Greek Myth) for example) and go with that. If you're stuck, consult a mod for help.

What else should I be aware of?

Ideally the story you want fic of should be available freely and legally online. In some cases, a version translated to English may not be available so please contact the mods to work out special cases like that. This is to make the exchange as accessible as possible!

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