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Letters are optional! They are messages to your writer that cover what you like or dislike in a story and allow you to expand on your prompts.

You can choose to:
  • write no letter, and put in the requests section of the sign-up form all the information you think is necessary (whether or not this includes optional details);

  • write a letter and link it in each of your requests, leaving the optional details blank;

  • write optional details for your requests in the sign-up form, AND link a letter for each of your requests.

It's up to you! But before writing a letter, please consider: are you likely to complete it by the end of February? If not, maybe don't write a letter.

If you write a letter, please comment to this post with the following information:

Your AO3 name
Your requested fandoms
The link to your letter (or you can put the whole letter in a comment).

In your letter itself, please include your AO3 name, your requested fandoms, and your requested characters. Matching is OR, so you are guaranteed to get at least one character you requested - but not necessarily two or more.

If you would like letter inspiration, see past letters in this comm's letters tag.

Please aim to complete your letter on or before February 28.
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Letters post!

What are letters? They're (OPTIONAL) messages you can give your author to let them know what you're looking for in a fic! Please use the form below.


<b>AO3 Name</b>:
<b>Letter URL</b>:


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Hi! Here is where we're gonna link our Dear Author letters for convenience and perusing!

Tips for a letter:

Say fandom, say characters, give at least one prompt. There's other fun stuff you can do, like list things you love! And things you DO NOT WANT (which your author is expected to abide by!)

I like to say what it is I enjoy about my chosen story, if you're looking for ideas.

Make sure your letter is unlocked when you link it, and avoid placeholders! Because what if you get kidnapped by molemen who let you write your fic but not edit your journal until it's deadline? That'd be terrible. Your poor author.

Letters are not actually required, but they can be very helpful to your author and also people looking to write treats.

This post @LJ

EDIT: Remember to include your ao3 name!

And remember, for this exchange you're encouraged to link other interpretations and ideas for the story you requested if that's what you want!

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