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Hey, everyone! 3 hour warning! Except it's more like TEN HOUR warning because I've spent all day riding around/wrestling on bike and really need to get some sleep! There will be a two hour, one hour, and deadline warning later tonight!

You need to have your full 1000 words or more fic in for your recipient by May 15th, 11:59 PM central time - well, you have a few more hours than that due to fate.

What time is that for me from now? <-- original deadline. Still, try and get your fics in by this time!

See you tonight!

Archive goes live May 20th, so while I encourage you to have your fics complete and proper for your recipient, you will be able to edit until the archive goes live.

Treats can be posted directly to the main archive!

Reminder that when the final deadline comes, everyone who hasn't posted will be automatically defaulted and pinch hits will be sent out.

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